SELF was born in 2007.

Our passion is to build a bridge between the level of personal awareness and the great, powerful SELF of life, which is always available  to everyone.


SELF is a way to remember that we do have great, strong and transformative powers reaching far beyond the personal level of “I .. or.. Myself”.

Focussed Awareness, Mindfulness, Realization and engaging oneself with the deep wisdom and love of life awakens the primary power of life and creation in us.

During the years we were able to generate substantial experience in the areas of Retreats/ Life Coaching / SPA Training/ SPA Consulting. We consulted and managed projects for leading SPAs in Thailand, China, India, Sri Lanka and Germany.


This inspired us to the creation of the SELF HEALING RITUAL  and the SELF RETREAT.

Our background in consulting and training resulted in SELF SPA  and SELF Corporate.


THE JOY OF DYING program offers an especially deep experience of being in touch with your soul.