Managing Partner

 “Reaching beyond the limits of our mind and following the wise path of intuition  to me are the way to live our maximum potential. I feel this is the most interesting voyage of human beings. This is the most beautiful task to be able to assist people to this realization of pure empowerment and seeing life through the eyes of the soul.”


 Living the human potential is the core topic of Frank’s life.


“I always wanted to know what life is really about. In my childhood I had this feeling, that the structured life around me and following the usual rules of society weren`t the essence I am looking for. This is still so today and I have realized that just below the surface obviously waits this wonderful world which is behind the veils of our purity and essence. It shines through stronger and stronger gifting us with wisdom and healing.”

This inner view was with him all along the way during his studies at European Business School (EBS) and continued during his first career in PR business and as an entrepreneur.  Following the calling of the soul Frank ended his career in the early 90s. Years of  studies of human empowerment and healing arts started.


Today, Frank has a long background of holistic education combined with many years of experience synergized in the fields of aromatherapy, fragrance distribution, massage therapy and healing arts. He is an experienced trainer for retreat groups and corporate teams training for over fifteen years in the areas of Communication, Wellness, Spa, Massage Therapy, Healing Modalities and Aroma Therapy/ Artistic Perfume. Frank has Master degrees in Holistic Massage Therapy, Aroma Therapy, Alchemy and advanced Healing Modalities such as Magnified Healing and Quantum Powers  He brings along experience and studies of human consciousness, meditation and alternative healing with acclaimed masters.

 Inspired by his passion for exquisite fragrances he founded AROMA Company in 1998 which today is one of the leading distributors in the field of artistic perfume in the German speaking region.


In 2005 a life threatening accident deepened his spiritual connection to life which led him to the foundation of SELF The Empowerment Company in 2007 together with Leela Isani.