Leela Sylvia Isani


Managing Partner


Leela Isani is a certified Holistic Healer, Reikimaster, a Human Potential Trainer and Spiritual coach.

She is trained in Stress Management, Lifestyle Coaching, psycho-spiritual Care for the Dying, Energy Work, Trauma Healing and Qi Gong for Life.


As a Yoga teacher she developed her own very intuitive way of sharing Yoga, called Leela Yoga, combining Yoga, Meditation and Energywork. Since twenty five years she is giving seminars and personal counselling. She wrote several books and articles on holistic Living and Self inquiry and is currently working on a new book about the Joy of Dying.

In her earlier career as an Airhostess and later as an Event Manager she learned a lot about Stress Management and how to deal with lives challenges.

She is a passionate traveller, lived and studied with well known spiritual teachers in India and Europe and organised spiritual journeys to India and Sri Lanka and lived in both countries. 

Her most important teacher are Osho, Yogi Amrit Desai and Sri Satya Sai Baba.

Her passion is to empower people to discover their life’s purpose and to live their highest potential in radiant health and to enjoy an enlightened life in joy and love.


One of her focus is on Self Healing as she believes that we ourselves are able to heal our body, as the wisdom of the body knows exactly what is needed to harmonise and to heal. We only need to be able to listen and to understand this natural wisdom and to reconnect with our inner source and to love ourselves.


Her strength is to touch people’s heart deeply, read their individual potential and to open them up to a joyous, meaningful and healthy way of living.


For Leela life is a play, sometimes a drama, sometimes a mystery, sometimes a funshow, but never to be taken too seriously... anyway we will not survive this earthly show

Her approach is full of surprises and spontaneity, she invites you to laugh, love and live life joyfully in each moment.


This is the only body you have for your life.

Taking care and love it is the best way to love the SELF

which is greater than the body.


"I am very happy to have the opportunity to meet you on the way and share my love, joy, wisdom and precious moments with you.

Home is where souls meet in love and deep understanding" Leela