The ultimate task of a leader is to dignify and honour the lives of those he leads by allowing them to manifest their highest potential through the work they do.


A new Era

Living in the midst of time of change has made us deeply aware of the fact that a new consciousness is emerging.

Corporate Life is adapting to the new requirements of the rapid changes happening in all areas of our society. The result is a threefold bottom line: committing to the people, our planet and the company’s profit, which creates a new holistic vision of success out of respect. Our programs are infused with a timeless wisdom which is rediscovered as a major source of sustainable success. Our mode of working is inspiring to go beyond usual patterns of thinking, behaving and communicating.

Visionary Leadership Qualities

Many companies are actively striving for a culture of leadership and sustainable management solutions. They realize their people are their main resource. As a result they are consciously committing to training and team-building human potential programs as part of their company culture. They know: Improving the human potential improves the company.

Our SELF Empowerment training program is a booster in management - expertise in the quality fields of team communication and self management. It is based on the experience that management responsibility starts with yourself and radiates through colleagues and the whole team to the customer. Empowerment Training boosts your leadership qualities for the new dawn of mankind.

Clarity results in excellent Team Communication

Communication and mutual understanding are cornerstones of successful team work and visionary leadership. Clarity and harmony in team communication is therefore a major focus in our work.

Sharing Values

In many companies members of the team come from various cultural backgrounds covering all sectors of management responsibility.

Therefore, we focus on the values and qualities we all share. By empowering the Key persons, the whole team is able to unfold its highest potential and, in return is becoming more successful and happier.

To be a part of a successful team means...
...Being in touch with your own source of power

...Connect with the intentions of your fellow colleagues
...Find mutually beneficial visions and decisions

Exceptional People

Empowering employees is the main key in turning an average employee into an exceptional one. People who feel acknowledged are prone to produce superb results. The growth and success of your company is directly proportional to the quality of your team!

Major questions of our trainings

What principles are creating successful teams?

What is the influence of team synergy on customer success?

How to discover the real worth of the inherent maximum potential?
How to experience yourself and the management team as a living organism?

How to stay balanced throughout daily challenges?

What components make up real and lasting SUCCESS?

Respecting the interdependence of the individual and the team empowerment, our approach has three steps:


Experience yourself: a self inquiry part  

Experience your team: the team as a living organism 

Experience your customer: the relation with the customer is a totally different one when the whole team is empowered and clearly focussed.

The success of your company is directly influenced by the individual, melting with the team to form a collective consciousness.

Benefits of Corporate Empowerment Training

You will learn and experiment with valuable tools to enhance your connection with your co-leaders and your whole team stronger, understand them on a deeper level and learn to turn their and your own weak points into strengths. Remember: All successful leaders have mastered the practice of connecting deeply to their team. Great Success comes from greatly, joyfully and efficiently interacting teams.


We specifically inspire you to:

-reflect on and enhance your communication mode

-gain new awareness to yourself and others

-inspire and perform authentic communication

-explore new ways of effective decision making

-experience your highest potential and learn how to awaken this potential as well in your team

-learn how to free the strengths and essence of your team

 The Growth of your company is directly connected to the growth of you and your people