T H E  T R A I N I N G


Training and Certification for Therapists



The SELF HEALING RITUAL is a treatment for the "new time", resonating with the changes in our energy systems. Therefore, it is a wonderful complement to the services offered already by individual therapists, healing sanctuaries and spas.



TRAINING – The training runs in two phases:

The first part takes  three full days including an initiation into the frequency of the ritual.

Following is an exercise period of at least 5 days for therapists to get acquainted with the ritual in order to be  when the certification is done a few days or weeks later.


EXERCISE WEEK - After the training therapists can go back to work.

However, during approx. five days following the training they are supposed to exercise the ritual with their colleagues to prepare for their certification. This period should enable therapists to perform the SELF HEALING RITUAL in perfect order, energy and quality.


CERTIFICATION – The second part is the certification taking 2 -3 days depending on the  number of therapists .The certificate is only granted to therapists meeting the required standards in structure, energy and quality and perform a flowing treatment including a gentle communication with the client.


Minimum: 4 participants


Special features of the SELF HEALING RITUAL


*The experience contains a flowing self healing sequence.

*It offers special movements, gentle strokes and soft energetic touches, a specially created Self Healing Essence,  a sound field and stillness.
*A specific symbol (see above) and essence have been  created to synergize with the ritual.

*Guests are invited to perform simple, effective exercises with their therapist and will get a written brochure with the instructions after the treatment is completed.

*Self Healing Powers and Self Love are activated.

*Sustainable: Guest can continue to do the introductory exercises at home.

*Each session includes a coaching- sharing moment with your therapist

*SELF HEALING RITUAL Therapists are all certified by SELF

*You can learn treating yourself with the Sequence of the SELF HEALING RITUAL


Training and Certification Fee


Please be in touch with us to learn about our fee structure and inclusions for the training and certification process.



Therapists  will be  licensed for the SELF HEALING RITUAL which requires maintaining the standards given during the training and certification process. Details to be discussed upon contract which may also include a license for the relevant spa/healing sanctuary or practice.
Certified therapists can offer the ritual and perform ist. However, they should not teach the ritual to other therapists unless receiving a prior Master Training with us.