We are happy to offer our stay as Visiting Masters at selected locations

The SELF HEALING RITUAL is cutting edge treatment session for your SPA / Healing Sanctuary.

During our stay we offer group sessions and individual treatment sessions.

Please find all details below. Of course our offers can be adjusted to the personal requirements of your SPA /Resort.



The SELF HEALING RITUAL (c) is a unique experience created for people who are longing to be deeply touched reaching from the physical to the soul. This gentle and at the same time powerful self healing session is an energy ritual which differs from an usual massage. It focuses on the heart area and touches reach from the heart center all over the body. It was created in 2012 by Leela Isani and Frank Weckesser based on their experience as holistic healers and international spa consultants. Their inspiration to create this extraordinary treatment was to go beyond classic spa treatments and boost self healing and self love.
During the session the therapists connects to the customer on the level of the soul which provides access to wisdom, healing and love. The  sharing of the individual experience at the end of the ritual is part of the session helping  to deepen the transformational impulse. 



This experience includes the complete SELF HEALING RITUAL

You enjoy the benefits of the SELF HEALING RITUAL plus soul coaching after the treatment to complete your experience. This feedback session between therapist and guest helps to deepen and integrate what came up for you, it also allows you to be guided deeper into the experience and individual potentials of self healing power.

The therapist tunes into your personal needs and supports you to listen to the messages of your soul and your heart and offers integration and transformational tools.

This might be sharings, touches, cards, matrix two point method and intuitive yoga.
This intimate work is useful for a deeply self-reflecting process.



These sessions are focused on activating self love and self healing powers.
These sessions are an excellent preparation for a private session with us and are also suitable to activate  the healing memory in your cells. Our group events are activating the awareness of your inner wisdom as well.


Morning Session (1 h): A session for groups of interested guests. We will guide you through the preparatory exercises followed by a flowing self treatment process in which you move, relax and feel the healing power of your own hands.


Evening Session (1h): Self Healing Sequences, flowing moves and deep guided, relaxing meditation to prepare a night of deep and regenerating sleep.