It is a deeply human impulse to constantly strive for fulfilment in your personal and social life.  Its the longing within each one of us to reach for a higher purpose in life beyond our personal limitations. The aim of our retreats is to link the personal level with the higher self.To invite you to gift yourself with space for the unfolding of your true life calling.

During a retreat we ask the essential questions of life  


Who am I?
What is my purpose in life?
How can I live a truly fulfilled and happy life?
How to handle major life changes ?
How to deal with loss, grief and the fact that we are not living forever in this fragile body? 

What are the signs calling me for a retreat? 

Let's list a few: Physical symptoms, broken hearts, unrest, fear and disorientation or general unhappiness and a lack of sense in life. These are actually invitations to change the direction of where you’re looking for happiness and fulfilment and to have a deeper look. Retreats are an invitation to take inventory, open up for new ways of living, listen to your soul, allowing the mud to settle and the waters to clear and to focus on the true essence of your being. 

What do all of us truly want?

The process of taking the space to step back form the organized, huste-bustle life filled with daily chores is uniquely different and meaningful for each person - Especially in times when the outer world seems to be an insecure and unpredictable place. We might ask ourselves if playing the role we play in daily life is all there is. But isn't it nothing more than a passing experience in the play of life? Getting a glimpse of eternity, of that what is never dying, experiencing that we truly are spiritual and enrgetic  beings having an earthly experience, thats what awaits you in our retreats. 

Who comes to our retreats?

Participants in our retreats come from various walks of life, and they describe this rare opportunity as a kind of deep rest that opens the heart, relaxes the body and clears the mind. This way our connection to our purpose of life becomes stronger.

In our retreat we ask you to let go of your stories, we are not interested to learn what you are doing in your life, we are interested in who you really are.

What are the feedbacks?

Most state that after a retreat they are able to hear the inner voice, and hence follow their intuition. We could call "intuition" the voice of our soul which brings great wisdom into our life. One result of retreating seems to be improved discrimination  between the conditioned and automatic mind chatter and the gentle voice of inuition. Many say they now feel much more encouraged to follow the deeper impulses of life resulting in less struggling with life in general

One glimpse of eternity, one experienced miracle can change your life forever.

 WHY should you come ?

In a natural , blissful state, its much easier to discover new solutions and breakthrough to an authentic happy and enlightened life.
Only in deep relaxation, in tune with your true self, your body profoundly regenerates, your mind comes to peace and your soul spreads its wings.

There is actually only one topic in a retreat:

It's always about your true self and the liberation from what is limiting a radiant and powerful life experience.

Our signature intensive : "The SELF Retreat" is for those who are ready to face the major question.  Who am I?


Come join yourself for a life transforming experience and meet the greatest miracle: Yourself