SELF SPA is our holistic Consulting and Training Program for SPAs.

It is based on many years of experience in innovative projects for leading SPAs in Europe and Asia. Our focus is the Soul of Spa which we define as the deeply perceived atmosphere which is created by team and management of the Spa

Our tailored programs foster the natural spirituality of a spa.
We encourage an approach which assists the whole team to work together as a living organism respecting awareness, caring and responsibility while following the structures and SOPs specified for the SPA. Today, the  intangible factor of team spirit and energy are the core asset of sustainable, long term SPA success. 

Consequently, our programs and consulting are all set to make the soul of the Spa tangible to the guest experience. This is why our tool SOUL CHECKING your SPA is an important basic to determine the specific concept for you.

SPAs have become places of refuge

The values and demands of spa customers are more than ever constantly changing.
The focus has shifted from luxurious design and pampering towards deeply transforming and sustainable experiences. It actually seems like the market is going to segment into “pampering luxury” and “holistic and well designed experience”. Topics like consciousness, holistic healing, spirituality and quantum powers are emerging stronger now than ever before, as people are longing for healing and wholesome experiences. At the same time we are all wishing to come in touch with our own source of peace.
Actually, the continuous boom of the industry can be attributed largely to this increasing demand for higher quality of deep regeneration, self awareness and body mind soul balance.

The true expectations of customers are often underestimated. Those who clearly ask for healing work, yoga, meditation and energy treatments can be heard. Those who just have a feeling of  wishing for a deeper experience which they cannot clearly articulate, however are totally misunderstood when offering them just exotic treatment rituals. Sheer luxury leaves spa guests often with a feeling of “nice – but something was missing”. This is a typical result of our research interviews with spa guests.

More customers than ever before come to the spa resort for vision questing, which makes spas truly temples of refuge. This is when the quality of communication with the therapist comes into play. Therapists of today are not merely massage therapists or beauticians anymore. The required skill sets have extended to being great lifestyle consultants and deeply caring healers. Therefore new profiles of qualification are needed which do have implications for the skills at management level, as well.