We are unveiling the Soul of your Spa

Our SOUL CHECK is about the core success factor of your Spa:
The team.

We carefully examine the professional process regarding the skills of communication of team and management on both levels: the internal exchange and its result: the guest communication.

The quality of the guest experience depends to a large part on the flow of communication of  the team.Our results are presented to the management team during an in –depth meeting.Our presentation of results of our Soul Check points to the potentials and we are deriving the emphasis of our training and consulting based on these findings.

What exactly are we looking at during a SOUL CHECK?
We are taking a close look at the Guest Journey performed by your spa team  and the consequences for the experience of the guests.

During this exam our radar is around the communication and behavior of your team.

Communication has several dimensions to look at:
Content, tone of voice, empathy, body language, energy level.

We are reviewing/ creating your Guest Journey: Starting with the guest`s first contact by personal / online or phone booking, welcoming, treatment, follow up booking, farewell.

Does your spa follow the classic SOP structure? Does it perform its own journey?

In which way does the team offer a feeling of care and respect to the guests?

How does your team optimally interact for best possible results on customer well being?

What could the team do for themselves in order to always perform a powerful, well organised and caring guest experience?

We are also detecting potential for internal conflict and might suggest solutions in how to transform conflicts into creativity.