S P A   C O N S U L T I N G

SPA Consulting is an essential part of SPA Business today.

Our focus in SPA consulting is the key factor for sustainable success:

The Soul of the Spa -

 created and expressed by the people who run and manage the SPA.


What difference do we make?     Where is the excellence in our SPA consulting? 


Our specialty is to optimize  the teamspirit and its  influence on the guest experience
We initiate and assist a transformational process in existing spas.

Our pre-opening consulting assists in lauching new spas,  paving the way to holistic and sustainable success.Our Soul of the SPA training generates a holsitic and synsergetic team process.

Well aware of the classic structures and procedures of  SPAs, we are integrating the sensitive skills of conscious communication and soul@ work.


During new openings our conceptional work is comprehensive and combines  all involved parties such as management, staff , outside consultants, architects, suppliers in a synergetic process to manifest the philosophy.


The SPA within 

The essential factor of success is the atmosphere created by the people.
This atmosphere has several facettes: visual, sensual, energetic and etheric. 

The SPA within is a core topic for us.
Those who connect with their inner source of peace and balance,
will very likely create an exceptional guest experience with a sustainable result.